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Miracles happen

My name is Danas and I am a very grateful alcoholic.

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My name is Danas and I am a very grateful alcoholic. The day I did my Step Three was the day when I learned what a miracle is. I am one of those people that were lucky and desperate enough to grab the Programme from the very start. I listened to what I was told and had a sponsor within three weeks of my first meeting. My first two Steps were very straightforward, and it wasn’t long before my sponsor told me to read up on Step Three. I still remember that feeling of goosebumps on my skin when I read the words of turning my will over to God. I did not acknowledge the words “of my understanding”, all I could see was God. It was definitely something I was never expecting to do. After all, I spent years of arguing that God did not exist and was getting pretty good at this argument. 

However, when my sponsor agreed to sponsor me, he asked me if I was willing to go to any length in my recovery and I said that I was. I’d tried everything else and I was out of options. My liver was on the timer. I spent the next week meditating on the idea of Step Three. Finally, I untangled the spaghetti in my head and told my sponsor that I was ready. He came to my house and told me that we would be saying the Step Three prayer together. Being a true alcoholic, I had to have the last say and said that I am not using the words “thy” and “thee” as they remind me too much of religion. My biggest surprise was that he went down on his knees in my living room and asked me to join him. I must say, it was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life, two men on their knees in my living room praying… I was left to reflect on what I had just done, for a few minutes, and when I got up, he gave me a hug and told me that I don’t need to worry about anything anymore. I have a new employer and He will direct from now on. 

I did not feel any different after this, my sponsor showed me how to do Step Four and left. This was about a month into my recovery and I was still having cravings to drink, especially in the evenings. To my shock, as the evening drew closer, I did not feel any urge to drink. I knew that my compulsion to drink was gone. That was my first miracle in recovery and I’ve had many others since. That evening I truly prayed for the first time since my childhood. How wonderful life is when I can recognise God’s work in my life. 

Keep coming back my dear friends. It works if we work it. God bless you all.

DANAS K, Andover