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Share December 2023

Share Magazine December 2023

Dear Reader

The dictionary definition of joy is “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.” Well, coming into this Fellowship, I knew I had a myriad of emotions, feelings, and thoughts which I strived to suppress all my life – latterly using alcohol to keep it all down. For me that included joy – don’t expect good things and you won’t be let down. Thankfully, our amazing Programme of recovery has enabled me to face my fears and build a spiritual foundation on which I can practice these principles in all areas of my life. Learning to accept my humanness and that of others, is a life-changing experience.

Our theme for December is ‘The Joy of Sobriety’ – we had such a great response that not all your articles could be published so we will carry over the theme into our January 2024 publication. One of the joys of Step Twelve is that we all continue to carry this message to alcoholics and being able to practice the AA principles by sharing our experience, strength and hope in writing is another wonderful tool in our toolbox.

Isn’t it interesting how, when we start practising Tradition Twelve within AA, we find the ideas held there gradually seep into every aspect of daily life. I can feel more vulnerable in some situations and once again I need to connect with my Higher Power with trust and find the right way to move forward. No one ever said this would be an easy journey – after all it’s me I deal with daily! What I did hear over and over was that this was a simple Programme for complicated people. Relationships can often be challenging, and I need to keep placing principles before personalities. It’s such a joy to know that, just for today, I’m doing the best I can.

As you will have noticed from the front cover, the price of our beloved magazine is increasing from January 2024. We do hope that you will continue to find Share to be yet another tool in your toolbox.

Wishing you all the joy of a happy, sober Christmas and New Year.