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Roundabout can speak to us, and to potential members, in a very personal way. It is not a dry collection of facts about Alcoholics Anonymous but carries the voices of individual members telling their own stories.

Submitting your article is simple, click here to type it out and send it to the Editorial Team online, any sober alcoholic can write an article and there is no minimum length of sobriety required. Our little magazine depends on a stream of articles and carries AA’s message of hope and recovery. It can often reach places and people that could not be reached in other ways; there are members sober today because they first met AA in the pages of a Roundabout found in a doctor’s waiting room or handed in to a prison.

If you would prefer to type or write your article and post it to us, please use the following details:

The Editor
Northern Service Office
Alcoholics Anonymous
50 Wellington Street
Glasgow G2 6HJ
Tel: 0141-226 2214

Articles and letters will be attributed to ‘Anonymous’ if the writer wishes, but the original submission to the editor should be signed. The editor cannot guarantee to publish all materials submitted or return contributed matter. Payment for any submissions cannot be made. Roundabout does not publish poetry or obituaries

What happens once we receive your article?

We cannot guarantee to print every article received. Once you have submitted your article, the Editor will ask our proofreading team to assess and proof the article before it can be included within an issue.

Please note we work approximately 2 months in advance of each issue.

A Flyer has been placed in the Document Library. Its purpose is to encourage members to contribute. Please feel free to print this flyer and place it on your Literature table.

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