Find a meeting

Here members can provide information for the Meeting Finder, request updates to service posts on the Confidential Directory, request access to IT services and post local events to be added to the Events Diary.

Meeting details may be submitted using, what’s traditionally referred to as the ‘Pink Form’.

  • If you are adding a new meeting to the Meeting Finder, click here.
  • If you are updating the details of an existing meeting, click here.
  • If you want to request the removal of a meeting from the Meeting Finder, click here. And include as much information as you can.

Updating the Confidential Directory (e.g. registering a new service officer in post) must be done by an existing registered service officer of the Region or Intergroup. The updating process includes a request for an aamail account.

Members requesting access to the Filestore or Microsite must be registered on the Confidential Directory.

  • To request access to the Filestore, click here:
  • To request access to a Microsite, click here:

If you are hosting a local event such as a convention or workshop, you can post it on the Event Diary.

Any other technical matters please email

AA Email login information can be found here.