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Introduction to Employment

Welcome to the Employment section of the members website. This section has been created to help employment liaison officers carry out their role as effectively as possible.

A look at the history of AA shows that cooperation with employers has been an integral part of the fellowship since the earliest days. This important area of cooperation was highlighted by the inclusion of a completely separate chapter in our basic  text , Alcoholics Anonymous(Big Book), dedicated “To Employers”.  In that chapter it was suggested to employers that

“It boils right down to this : No man should be fired just because he is an alcoholic. If he wants to stop, he should be afforded a real chance. If he cannot or does not want to stop, he should be discharged.

We think this method of approach will accomplish several things.It will permit the rehabilitation of good men. At the same time you will feel no reluctance to rid yourselves of those who cannot or will not stop.”

Employment Liaison Officers carry the message to employers within their area supported by their intergroup, region and PI/Service Committee if one exists. Employment covers any organisation employing or serving staff companies, trade unions and associations, government departments and/or related agencies. The role should be undertaken for three years by someone with an established period of sobriety as it may involve dealing with a wide range of professional people and talking about AA when invited to do so.

Tradition 11 states that “our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain anonymity at the level of press, radio and films.”In carrying out the role ELOs will need to be mindful of this tradition as they liaise with employers and also in respecting the anonymity of any employees that they are put in contact with.

Watch the Professional video for Employment.