Find a meeting

Hints and tips for giving a presentation

Once initial contact has been made and a date established for a visit to the Organisation the next step is to be prepared. Often the date will change at the last moment. Make sure you have at least one or two AA Members willing to assist you on the day. It is always good to attend an AA Presentation with at least one other Member of the Fellowship depending on how many people will be attending the Presentation on that day. For more than 10 attendees I would suggest that two speakers can be a good idea. Check on how much time you have been allotted and how many people will be present and have a plan of action. Turn up before the scheduled time and dress appropriately for a Business Meeting. Take enough AA Literature to hand out at the meeting. Usually hand this out after Introductions have been made, so that the attendees have something to refer to during the Presentation.

Use of a Power Point Presentation

The Presentation should have up to 16 pages which can be used as helpful prompts for the Presentation. It can be easily changed and adapted and installed on a Laptops or tablets.

If you have a large audience, the Company may offer a Projector. If this is the case make sure you know how to set it up or offer to e-mail them the Presentation in advance for them to set up for you.

When  using ‘AA Presentation to Employers’ Power point Presentation ‘,the use the 16 prompts as a guide and talk around the prompts which enables the presenter to customise each presentation to that particular Company, Organisation or Trade Union:-

  1. AA Presentation with AA Logo
  2. What is Alcoholics Anonymous? (AA Preamble)
  3. Introductions and Primary Purpose
  4. Alcohol Problems for Employers
  5. What is AA?
  6. How Does AA View Alcoholism?
  7. How does AA Work?
  8. What is an AA Meeting?
  9.  What Are The Twelve Steps?
  10.  The Twelve Traditions-Tradition Eleven
  11. Who Can Join AA?
  12. How Much Does It Cost? and Self Supporting
  13. How Can We Help?
  14. Employment Video
  15. Questions?
  16. Help for the Alcoholic in the Workplace? Helpline Number, Online Response Service and Chat Now
  17. GSO details

Also included in the Power Point presentation is a link to the Employment video. A connection to the internet will be needed to play the video.

Co-operation with the Employer Organisation is key. It is helpful to take extra copies of ‘A Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous’ with you as this outlines ‘What AA Does NOT Do.’