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Health Liaison Officers

Since it began, Alcoholics Anonymous has helped millions of seemingly hopeless cases to recover from alcoholism.

Our AA Health Liaison Officers work with medical professionals, hospitals, and treatment centres to help reach those who need us most.

Many alcoholics have come to AA thanks to the support of a well-informed health professional.

Our health liaison teams work with:

  • GP surgeries.
  • Hospitals.
  • Medical trainers, including GP Vocational Training schemes.
  • Alcohol forums, Alcohol Support Services and Drug and Alcohol Teams (ADATS in Scotland).
  • Social Work departments.
  • Home detox teams, Treatment centres and Rehabilitation and Substance Misuse Teams.
  • Psychiatric Day Hospitals/Centres.
  • Mental health charities and other relevant organisations.

We can:

  • Organise presentations at seminars, conferences, and medical education establishments.
  • Attend exhibitions and displays.
  • Work with hospital and treatment centre staff, and offer individual contact with patients.
  • Organise attendance at an AA open meeting where you can experience how AA works.

In all our work with health professionals our sole objective is to help the suffering alcoholic.

To talk to your local Health Liaison Officer, contact the AA General Service Office in York: 01904 644026 or Email