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The friendly support and cooperation of the media make it possible for Alcoholics Anonymous to carry its message of hope to the world; we would not have reached many thousands of men and women without it.

  • We value the role of the media.
  • We are here to answer your questions about AA.
  • We have no opinion on outside issues.

To view the latest press releases, go to News.

Our short film gives an overview of the last 75 years of AA in Great Britain below.

Media Resources

Materials for media use include first person stories and films.

We can assist the media to attend open meetings (open to non-alcoholics) to observe only. We’d be happy to answer any questions after the meeting.

You can contact the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous with any media requests on 01904 644026 or email:

You can find links to helpful resources below.

Anonymity Letter

A thank you letter to the media for helping us observe our long-standing tradition of anonymity for members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Read our letter to the media here.

Public Relations

We don’t seek publicity for promotional purposes, but will assist the media to help raise awareness of AA’s programme to alcoholics and their loved ones.

Read our Public Relations statement here.