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Share October 2023

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Dear Reader

I usually find I need to apply Step Ten several times during my day, especially around my thinking and usually because some extreme, in one of my character traits, has reared its ugly head yet again.  These days I try not to fight it or dwell on it – simply ask my Higher Power to remove it for now and trust that I gain the strength to admit to myself, or any one actually affected, that I was wrong and to move on. In the evening I can again use Step Ten to reflect on my day and ask my Higher Power for guidance and direction on where and how to improve my behaviours. As my relationship with myself improves, Step Ten allows me to lighten up, to stop taking myself too seriously. Alcoholism is a deadly disease and we in AA take our recovery seriously. However, it’s not about dwelling in worry, remorse, or morbid reflection - the AA spiritual Programme of recovery advocates embracing a life which is full of peace, love and joy. Our Programme gives us hope – without having to run the show.

In the same way, Tradition Ten reminds us that AA is not running the show either. We are perfectly at liberty to have and express our own personal opinions on outside issues at any time – just so long as we are not claiming to speak for AA. Within AA, we are free to express our opinions too – and the more understanding there is of all our Traditions the more clearly we, as individuals, can come to embrace this amazing way of life outlined by our Steps, Traditions and Concepts. Part of that progress for me is working on improving relationships – with my Higher Power, myself, and others.

We have once again put forward four themes for focused articles throughout the coming year while continuing to highlight a specific Step, Tradition and Concept each month. Please bear with us if your article, particularly if it is a general expression of experience, strength and hope, is not published immediately. If your article meets the criteria as printed on page three of SHARE – it will be published.

With this Programme, living each day to the fullest and being able to enjoy everything that has been given for today becomes a reality not just a hope – and it’s not me running the show!