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The beauty of sharing

MY name is Maureen, and I am an alcoholic. I remember reading in an earlier issue of SHARE how reflecting on different aspects of our sobriety journey has helped us in making sense of this challenging but extremely rewarding way of life. SHARE magazine was certainly one of those aspects at the start of my journey – almost three years ago – when I finally, I say I, but whatever it was that gave me the strength to walk into the Rooms that night.
Like all new members, I didn’t have a clue what was going on but knew I was in the right place and picked up a copy of a SHARE magazine from the table. The articles, share backs, pictures and cartoons all helped to put the jigsaw together at my pace and in my own time and I looked forward to picking up new issues when I could.

During the summer of 2022 the secretary of my home group announced if anyone would like to take the role of SHARE representative and be responsible for raising awareness and organising the magazines to be available to members at the meeting. I realised I hadn’t seen an issue of SHARE for a while, and it stirred up fond ‘early-day’ memories of bedtime reading and as you frequently say, needing a “meeting between meetings”, so I jumped at the chance.

I lead a very busy life now and can’t attend as many meetings as I would like to on a regular basis. Therefore, taking on active service positions like treasurer, online hosting and of course, SHARE representative, is my way of keeping close to the Fellowship and the Programme in between face-to-face meetings. However, it is no easy task getting members to submit articles and the heads go down when I do my SHARE report every month. They all know what I am going to say, so I thought, wait a minute, I should be practicing what I preach which is why I’m writing this article to get the ball rolling.

I am hoping to have a SHARE magazine display table at our Northumberland Intergroup Convention on 14th October 2023 to help increase awareness of the work of this inspirational magazine which reminds us of the many gifts that sobriety gives to us and encourage other local groups to become involved. So, what better way than to have my own article printed in the October issue.

I consider myself to be a very lucky lady! I dodged some of the ‘yets’ that were just around the corner, my amazing sponsor found me and took me under her wing which is exactly where I will remain, and I now believe that it was my Higher Power that got me through the door to the Rooms that Monday evening. I know if I stay close to this amazing Fellowship, I will stay safe, sane and sober one day at a time.