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Continual Awareness

TAKING a personal inventory in Step Ten for me means taking stock of our emotional disturbances, especially those that could return us to drinking. I usually take stock of the day as I sit in the kitchen after another ‘successful’ day in my sobriety.

Step Ten for me isn’t going around saying sorry to everyone, it is being aware of thoughts, feelings, words and actions that are harmful to me and others. It is a personal process of constant inward reflection. Step Ten must embody the essence of responsibility, accountability, and continuous growth. By promptly ‘cleaning house’, we can release negative emotions and pave the way for healthier relationships with ourselves and others.

I treat Step Ten as continuous maintenance and perseverance in our recovery journey and the spiritual principles that underpin it. As we walk the path of Step Ten, we embrace a life of authenticity, self-awareness and continued transformation. Thanks for all your service.

BIG IAN, Darwen, Lancashire