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Share March 2024

Dear Reader

What a leap of faith Step Three requires. There I was – having come into this Fellowship full of shame, guilt, and hatred towards myself for my inability to sort out everything in my life – feeling a complete waste of space. Now I’m supposed to let go and let something intangible take over. Phew! All I can say today is thank God I made that decision. It’s something I have to do continually throughout my day, as I am very good at handing over and then, I think I’m back in charge.

Tradition Three - what a starting point. I could join as soon as I had the desire to stop drinking. Now I was no longer alone and could begin to learn and embrace the Programme of recovery offered by the Fellowship. While there are no dues or fees to join, I realise the heavy price I paid before I sought help in AA. Thankfully, embracing this amazing spiritual journey has enabled me to let go of the past and focus on how to live well, today.

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