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Share April 2024

Share April 2024

Dear Reader

What courage it takes each and everyone of us to embrace Step Four. I was so grateful when I realised that this was about digging deep and shining a light on all those behaviours that I was so ashamed of, to look at those behaviours that were no longer keeping me safe. Now, I could keep moving forward on my spiritual journey with improved self-awareness and the ability to alter my attitudes wherever necessary – letting go of all that baggage. Trust in my Higher Power and our AA Programme of recovery got me through – plus determination to improve the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of my life.

I have found that taking time to learn and understand our AA Traditions is important and enhances the service commitments I undertake. These Traditions are the principles that guarantee survival and Tradition Four underscores the autonomy our Fellowship embraces. It takes courage to speak up when it is felt that our Traditions are not being observed but it is important to our Fellowship to keep AA as a whole to the forefront, while continuing to practice these principles in all our affairs.

A final note – if you pay by bank transfer each month the price of Share is now £2 per month.