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My Journey

I DO have to feel the pain of the past but not forever. Avoiding the pain has kept me stuck in addiction. Desperately trying to avoid my feelings has caused me, and those around me, so much pain. Handing over my mistakes, being willing to learning and changing my ways allows me to grow. I put myself through so much when drinking. What I did caused me, and others, pain which led to feelings of remorse and guilt that I couldn’t handle. The feeling of never being enough caused me to drink and hurt so many people that I care about. My intention was always to avoid my pain rather than face it and I want to change my old behaviour. 

It will take the courage that AA and God have helped me to find. The truth is alcohol never helped me and just made everything so much worse. I have never owned my feelings and accepted who I truly am. Compassion, understanding and love can all start within me. The benefits of this Programme ripple out to the people around me. Forgiving myself, letting go and allowing myself, and others, to heal will be so beneficial to those closest to me. There is nothing to gain by attacking myself and telling myself that I am not enough. I am starting to live life on life's terms and to accept everything for what it is. 

I know I can't change people and don't know what's best for them but I can listen, learn and offer my understanding. I believe there is a force that makes even the worst of experiences result in something good. I just need to be present and live long enough to see its benefits. I don't have to force things and if I am unsure, I shall have faith to let my Higher Power show me the way. God is strong in AA and He gives me the courage to face my feelings and to learn. I need this in my life! AA has given me hope and shown me where I was going wrong. God has helped me to find light in the darkest of times in my life. I will be forever grateful and look forward to helping others find that same hope. 

Today I use my courage and strength to try new things as these new experiences are what really change my life. I am a good person today and accept my own humanity. I hated myself when I drank but now a sober day comes before everything. Only when I’m sober do I see the truth.

ZOE, Wolverhampton