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A Burden Lifted

My name is Adele, and I'm a recovering alcoholic.

My name is Adele, and I’m a recovering alcoholic. It’s a little while since I did Step Five with my sponsor but I want to share my experience. I was very embarrassed initially at the thought of telling a sponsor what I had got up to in my alcoholic drinking days. However, my clever, caring sponsor knew this as she had been through Step Five with her sponsor several years before.

The reality for me turned out to be the most relieving of feelings that I had ever experienced. A terrible burden was lifted from my weary conscience and, in sharing my misdeeds, I was able to understand more about myself and recognise that I wasn’t a bad person. I’m just an alcoholic who needed to understand how my illness had affected my actions.

All the exhaustive over-thinking about how I’d hurt people began to lessen, and my futile self-loathing and punishing of myself stopped as I began to offload my past actions with my sponsor’s support. It really was the best thing that I’d ever done, and I would say to a newcomer who is anxious about Step Five, please try not to let your anxiety prevent you making this vital step. It will set you free, and what a joy that is after so long being imprisoned by guilt and shame. I hope that I have helped someone by sharing my experience.

ADELE, Sandhurst Newcomers