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Hi folks, my name is Kenny, I am an alcoholic and a very grateful one at that. I am grateful for the freedom I have today, a freedom from the shambolic life of the drinking alcoholic. AA saved my life because the people and the 12 Step recovery Programme gave me the ability to live life, on life’s terms. A Programme of recovery from an illness that took away my ability to be a father, husband, son and brother. An illness that has given me a myriad of emotions – anger, shame, guilt, fear, remorse, hopelessness, despair and a deep loathing of myself. I hated what I had done to the people I loved - but today my life has changed.

I was given a Programme that allowed me to get honest, to change and let go of my old ideas allowing me to help others in any way I can. One day at a time, AA has given me the ability to handle situations that previously would have baffled me. AA is the only place during the cocktail hour where people get better instead of worse. Thank you AA.

Tillicoultry Tuesday