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Roundabout December 2023

Roundabout December 2023 cover image

Another year is coming a close and I’m sure I am not the only one who feels it has raced by at an exceptional speed!

Roundabout would not be possible without your articles and images filling the pages and of course our Roundabout Subcommittee members who each week, work behind the scenes writing content, proofreading, linking with our RLOs and of course keeping on top of our admin. Thank you for helping us fill another year’s worth of magazines – and to celebrate we have increased the pages in your magazine by another eight!

Our theme this month is The Promises. Our ‘literature extracts’ explain more and I remember the first time I heard them read out loud. It was a bit of an ‘aye right’ moment. As mentioned, they basically tell us things will get better and keep hanging in there! Promise 11 really appealed to me - I could describe the majority of my life as ‘baffling’ by that point. To hear this word come from AA reassured me that maybe I could actually be a part of something and that I could fit in amongst these people. What really makes me happy now is that I actually can handle those situations that used to baffle me – except if I over think it, I then become baffled by how unbaffled I can be! Deary me.

Cath W

Our first few themes for 2024 are:
January - Step One
February - The Family Afterwards
March - Step Two And Three
April - Sobriety During Illness

Please remember though you do not need to stick to these themes for your articles - but some do find they help.

1 Preamble
2 Subcommittee Noticeboard
3 Editorial
4 Is Glacadh an Freagra
6 AA One Liners
6 Roundabout Price Increase
7 I Poured Out My Heart To God
8 Living Sober
9 2024 Fellowship Diaries & Calendars
10 Love, Help And Support
12 All Ireland Young People In AA Convention
13 Giving Time Time
16 67th Scottish Convention
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ii-iv Group Information
17 The Roundabout Interview
20 Between The Dash
21 Life On Life’s Terms
22 AA History Corner
24 The Magnificent Obsession
25 Subscription Form
26 Extracts From AA Literature
29 Resentments Be Gone
31 The Twelve Concepts Of World Service
32 The Twelve Traditions