Find a meeting

Ten years sober today, one day at a time. That first meeting was Sacred Heart, Wednesday night, 8pm start. What a journey! I met my beautiful friend who was to become my sponsor that first night. A lovely lady shared that evening: she spoke of her drinking experience and her work life and her joy of being sober, and she definitely attracted me back to my next meeting. My friend sat at the front with me and held my hand as I bubbled away getting identification from the top table. She took me to so many meetings – I’ll be forever grateful.

I met the man who is now my partner at that first meeting too. We live together now and like to joke occasionally about how I was his stalker. ‘Think, think, think’ has been my favourite slogan because it’s about giving yourself time to respond rather than react.

I’ve found that every tool we have to use in AA has helped transform my life. My daughter and her husband are coming to dinner this evening. I had the privilege of doing a speech at their wedding in March; it was such a magical day. Sadly her father died of this illness a couple of years ago. As we know, life is full of events which we are powerless over. I give thanks to my Higher Power, the people and our beautiful Programme for the fruitful life I experience today in this moment. Dad and I plan to go to the graveyard tomorrow for Mum’s fourth anniversary then go for tea. He’ll be 90 this year. Some friends and I went through to the Scottish Convention at Stirling in May, which was excellent. An old friend, who had had to let me go in the drinking days, recently invited me along to a Keith Urban concert in Edinburgh. It was a fabulous night.

This old rock chick appreciates the life AA has given her and wants to keep ‘Rockin’ with AA. I’ve found the hall of fame!

God bless you all,

Linda Bellshill