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Roundabout February 2024

Roundabout Cover February 2024Editorial

When I came to AA, I came because I hurt, I couldn’t do it anymore. I had tried to stop drinking and all I could think about was having a drink - everything would be better if I did. It was all about me. I had stopped caring about everyone around me - happily, now life is about everyone else around me and not just ‘the big I am’. I got so much more than sobriety - I became the wife I should be, the daughter, the sister, the friend. I became reliable and honest. I found an ability to sleep soundly at night. The ripple effect people talked about in the rooms came true and my sobriety and AA spread through the people, places and things
around me.

Alcoholism really is a family illness and we all get sober together too. Many of those around us might not even know we have joined AA, but they will notice the subtle differences and soon start to benefit from our sobriety too.

Cath W

Our next few themes for 2024 are:
March - Steps Two And Three
April - Sobriety During Illness
May - Steps Four And Five
June - Gratitude

Please remember though you do not need to stick to these themes for your articles - but some members do find they help for constructing articles.


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