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Roundabout May 2024

Roundabout May 2024 Cover imageEditorial

Thank you for all of your article and photo submissions this month and it has been enjoyable bringing this issue together.

It was also great fun to get together in person in March for our annual Roundabout Liaison Officers Workshop in Glasgow. Thank you to everyone who helped bring it together and for
everyone’s valuable input on the magazine and ideas for the future. Speaking of ideas, hopefully it will bring a smile to a few people’s faces that we now have a much asked for Wordsearch! Check out page 6 and let me know if it is too easy or too hard as I have no idea!

Part of this issue is themed around Steps Four and Five - I still remember the fear of needing to go through these Steps but also the feeling of a weight being lifted off my shoulders as I unloaded the list of things I had carried around for years to someone else in the Fellowship who I could trust. It really was the start of a new chapter and from then on, as far as I know, I have always been honest.

If you are interested in sending an article to Roundabout you can find the rest of our themes for 2024 on page 13. Please remember though, you do not need to write on a specific theme and we welcome all shares.

Cath W


1 Preamble
2 Subcommittee Noticeboard
3 Editorial
4 Acceptance
6 AA One Liners and NEW Wordsearch
7 Out And About With Roundabout
8 The Greatest Gift
10 Butterflies
13 2024 Themes
14 The Phonecall That Changed Her Life
15 Always The Party Girl
16 2024 Fellowship Diaries & Calendars
i Conventions And Gatherings
ii-iv Group Information
17 The Roundabout Interview
20 My Journey And My Character Defects
21 Wordsearch Answers
22 Change? Me?
23 A Work In Progress
25 Subscription Form
26 Extracts From AA Literature
28 The Magnificent Obsession
Experience, Strength And Hope
30 32nd Welsh National Convention
31 Carried By My Higher Power