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Roundabout April 2024

Roundabout Magazine April 2024


As the Serenity Prayer tells us, “accept the things we cannot change” - this is probably something I repeat to myself every day at some point! It comes in handy in so many situations: when something does not go my way; my train is late; the weather is bad; plans are cancelled or I just don’t feel well. Throughout our April issue of Roundabout we hear from several members who have experienced illness during sobriety and how important the Fellowship has been to them during these times.

When I hear of members in AA going through tough times, it always reminds me that we need to keep coming to meetings during the bad, but also the good - this ensures we have something ‘in the bank’ for when life is throwing tougher times at us. I also know that if I am struggling, I will probably be the last one to notice and hopefully my friends in AA will sooner than me!

Cath W

Our next few themes for 2024 are:
May - Steps Four And Five
June - Gratitude
July - Steps Six And Seven

Please remember though you do not need to stick to these themes for your articles - but some members do find they help for constructing articles.


1    Preamble
2    Subcommittee Noticeboard
3    Editorial
4    Alcoholism And Covid
6    AA One Liners
Life On Life’s Terms Part II
8    Survival
9    Out And About With Roundabout
10    Keeping It Simple
11    The Suffering Alcoholic
12    Chemical Happiness Vs Spiritual Joy
14    Help Needed
15    2024 Fellowship Diaries & Calendars
16    67th Scottish Convention
i    Conventions And Gatherings
ii-iv    Group Information
17    The Roundabout Interview
20    Keeping It Simple
22    AA History Corner
25    Subscription Form
26    Extracts From AA Literature
28    The Magnificent Obsession
29    Roundabout - Round The World
30    32nd Welsh National Convention
31    The Twelve Concepts Of World Service
32    The Twelve Traditions