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Roundabout March 2024

Roundabout March 2024

We often hear newcomers who are concerned with the mention of God or the impression that there is a requirement to believe in a ‘traditional’ God to be part of AA. This was certainly my experience, but things changed when I was at my local Steps and Traditions meeting and heard that I could start by making AA or the people in AA my first Higher Power. I could get behind that idea - something bigger than me was keeping me sober and at that point in time, this was the people in AA - they could be my Higher Power.

I also remember the point in my sobriety when I figured it was a good idea to try and just hand it all over to something else. I was about 18 months’ sober and I was at a regular meeting and the penny dropped; I could hand this over to something else that was not reliant on me trying to control and juggle everything! It didn’t feel like I was taking the easy way out for once, I was just letting something or someone else help me.

Cath W

Our next few themes for 2024 are:
May - Steps Four And Five
June - Gratitude
July - Steps Six And Seven

Please remember though you do not need to stick to these themes for your articles - but some members do find they help for constructing articles.

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