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Terms of Reference Armed Services sub-committee


The Armed Services Sub-Committee adheres to the Traditions and Concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain and English-Speaking Continental Europe, to The AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain, and to The AA Service Handbook for Great Britain.


The Sub-Committee is chaired by the General Service Board Trustee responsible for Armed Services and can contain up to eight members. These members are selected through the General Service Board Nominations Committee process. A Secretary is elected by members of the Armed Services Sub-Committee.


A minimum of five years’ continuous sobriety at the time of application and experience in Intergroup and/or Regional Armed Services Liaison or other relevant experience. Good organisational and communication skills are desirable. The ability to produce written and verbal reports would be an advantage, as well as relevant IT skills. Service within the Armed Services is desirable but not essential.


Armed Services Sub-Committee members normally serve for a period of four years.


The Armed Services Sub-Committee meets at least three times a year in York, plus two online meetings. The first meeting of the year includes the annual Regional Armed Services Liaison Officers meeting. Armed Services Sub-Committee members are expected to attend all the  meetings. Non-attendance at two consecutive meetings without apology will be deemed resignation from the Armed Services Sub-Committee. Minutes of the meetings will be forwarded to the Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Board in accordance with procedures for sub-committees.

Aims and Objectives

The aims of the Armed Services Sub-Committee are

  • to raise awareness of Alcoholics Anonymous within all areas of the Armed Services community, including serving persons, veterans, and their families
  • to establish and maintain good relations with professionals and professional bodies connected with the Tri-Services
  • to offer support and advice to Regional Armed Services Liaison Officers
  • to help promote and encourage the appointment of Armed Services Liaison Officers
  • to support the development and sharing of good practice and review and update literature, media resources, and guidelines as necessary
  • to organise the annual meeting of Regional Armed Services Liaison Officers meeting held in York (the purpose of this meeting being to inform the Fellowship what the sub-committee is doing, to review progress, and to agree a way ahead)
  • to develop, update, and maintain a resource pack for all Armed Services Liaison Officers
  • to be responsible for the Armed Services ‘Twelfth Steppers List’ by contacting each member on the list every year and maintaining good communication with the Board Trustee responsible for Telephone Service
  • to be responsible for the Armed Services section on the AA GB website by developing and maintaining all information that is published, including the possibility of a user forum for Armed Services Liaison Officers
  • to promote good communication with the Board Trustee responsible for Electronic Communications
  • to implement Conference recommendations

Updated May 2022