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Ethnic Communities

AA and Black and Minority Ethnic Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous is keen to work effectively with black and minority ethnic communities in Britain and there are now translations of the book "Alcoholics Anonymous" into over thirty languages including Hindi, Malayalan, Punjabi, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish, and Arabic with more translations in hand.

The various pamphlets about different aspects of the Fellowship are also now in many Asian, European, and other languages and AA keeps a list of members that speak different languages at its Southern Service Office in London to help with calls from various minority ethnic communities.

The pamphlet 'AA at a Glance' is available in the Literature Downloads of the Document Library in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil and Bengali

What is the best way to get AA help for a problem drinker?

By far the best way to get help is to give them the AA telephone number (0800 9177 650) or to call the number while the patient or client is with you and hand them the phone.

The AA telephone helpline is manned by AA members with at least one year's sobriety who will offer to arrange for a member to contact them to take them to a local meeting. A similar service is also available by email by writing to help@alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk

To speak to a member of our Public Information team, please call us on 01904 644026 or e mail us on media.pi@aamail.org