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About AA Meetings

As a result of newcomers and existing members trying to attend meetings that are still closed the meeting finder has been changed to make clear those meetings that have not been recently updated. and as a result may not in fact be taking place. If your meeting is affected you may update its status at  https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/AA-Meetings/Submit-Your-Meeting-Information-(Pink-Form)

To search for a meeting you can use any of the search systems on the Find a Meeting page. Not all groups have provided post codes, if you can't find a group near you using the post code search you might have more success using one of the other methods.

Note that in the town search areas of London are preceded by the word London, e.g. for Hackney type in LONDON HACKNEY.

Online meetings may be found by searching for the word: online

The meeting start time is always indicated and meetings are usually 90 minutes unless a finish time is stipulated. Some meetings may be 'open' (to non-alcoholic visitors) or 'closed' (for alcoholics & those who think they might have a drink problem) - some meetings give information on open and closed meetings.

Please do not use our national helpline number for meeting or general information - this is solely for those people who need to speak to a member of AA about their drinking.


Definition of Open and Closed Meetings:

  • The Closed Meeting;
    is intended for alcoholics and for those with an alcohol problem who have a desire to
    stop drinking.
  • The Open Meeting;
    is intended for alcoholics and non alcoholics e.g. family, friends and anyone interested
    in AA.

Definition of Online Meetings:

  • The Online Meeting:
    is one which meets through electronic media, not in a physical place. It may be 'open' or 'closed'.
    Please check times carefully for these meetings. In most places, a start time can be assumed to be GMT/BST, and people adjust their clocks accordingly. An online meeting, however, may quote a local time which is not GMT/BST.
    Many online meetings give an email address - if in doubt about how or when to contact them, you may wish to email first.