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Fellowship Magazines

This section of the members area is for the two AA fellowship magazines: Roundabout & Share

Roundabout Magazine

Roundabout is AA's monthly magazine in Scotland. It is affectionately referred to by the members in Scotland as "Our Roundabout." Roundabout is a 'meeting in print' which carries the experience, strength and hope of our contributors. It is greatly valued and avidly read by newcomers to AA as well as members with decades of continuous sobriety. For members living in isolated areas it is, quite simply, a godsend.

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SHARE Magazine

SHARE is the monthly magazine for Alcoholics Anonymous (GB). It is fondly known as our "Meeting between Meetings." SHARE has held its issue price of only 1 pound per copy (including postage) at the same level since 2001. It is available for group or individual subscription.

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2021 Fellowship Diary/Calendars

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