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Frequently Asked Questions related to our online shop. Find the answers to common issues here.

Please be aware that orders may take up to 3 weeks to be dispatched. This is due to the 75thConvention and additional Bank Holidays.


From the 1st of April 2022 if you are placing an international order (this means any destination outside the UK) you may incur additional charges such as import duty and tax and custom charges.

Any customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches it's destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. We have no control over these charges. Because policies and charges vary by country and can change regularly, we cannot provide any indication of these charges. if you require further information regarding this, we advise that you contact your local customs office for further information.


Q. London Where To Find

A. Please note that the current version available is 2019.


Q. Can I ring you and pay over the phone?

No you can't but you can buy literature from our on-line shop which gives you three options of payment : PayPal /PayPal guest allowing use of credit or debit cards, Cheque or Bac's transfer with email stating the amount you have transferred and with its reason giving as much details as possible.


Q. I am using the on-line shop but it keeps making me checkout with PayPal. I do not have a PayPal account and do not wish to create one?

A. There is an option at the bottom of the PayPal page which allows you to check out as PayPal guest - you just click that option which allows you to pay using your credit/debit card 


Q. Who do I make cheques payable to (literature orders, Gratitude, Share etc.)?

A. Cheques can be made payable to The General Service Board, or simply GSO with a note/letter stating what the payment is for.


Q. Has my order gone through?

A. You will receive an email confirmation if you have submitted one on the Paypal payment page.


Q. Why can we not buy Where To Finds in the Online Shop?

A. Due to the confidential information within the Where to Finds and the Anonymity of members, we do not advertise the Where To Finds on our Public Website.

Phone GSO: 01904 644026 or email carolinedavy@gsogb.org.uk and make your request.   Or:

Download an order form from here, and post it in the usual manner.


Q. Why can we not buy SHARE and Roundabout magazines in the Shop?

A. These magazines contain personal information (telephone numbers) and so are not on sale in a public forum.

Phone GSO: 01904 644026 or email ashare@gsogb.org.uk and make your request. 


Q. Why can we not order 'Free' Literature from the Online Shop?

A. Our online shop only supports paid-for items. Free items are only available for members of the fellowship carrying out service activities.

Phone GSO: 01904 644026 or email literature@gsogb.org.uk and make your request.   Or:

Download an order form from here, and post it in the usual manner.


Q. Do we have to use Paypal when checking out from the Online Shop?

A. It is possible to use a cheque, or to use the Paypal secure payment site as a guest, not as an account holder. 

Please read the notes supplied under 'Ordering Information' in the Shop.


Q. Not seeing the option to pay by card when guesting on Paypal?

A. Some members have reported that they do not see this option when using tablets or smartphones.

If possible, use another system. Or:

Phone GSO: 01904 644026 or email carolinedavy@gsogb.org.uk and make your request. Or:

Download an order form from here, and post it in the usual manner. Sometimes you just need to scroll down the screen and the option will be lower down.


Q. Basket reverts to one item, even though a larger number has been requested.

A. Type the number of items required in to the box and click on the update button.