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Online & Telephone Meetings

Many meetings have started opening again but many are also staying online.

Many members are creating online meetings. If you would like to register one of these meetings please contact Chris at GSO by email at groupinformation@gsogb.org.uk or submit it online. A generically named email address would be useful.

You can search the Meeting Finder for online meetings by putting 'Online' into the search field.

All Members should be particularly mindful of using their names and email addresses when starting and joining such meetings as often personally identifiable information is clearly visible when you log in or join. 

Good Practice for Online Meetings

AA Great Britain and Continental Europe Region (AAGB & CER) 

During the pandemic AA meetings moved online. Online has proven to maintain fellowship contact, and fulfil the Fellowships primary purpose of reaching out to the still suffering alcoholic.  

The Fellowship requested and received over one hundred pages of experience regarding hosting and managing AA online meetings.  Key areas mentioned were Safeguarding, Fellowship Unity, Meeting Tradition 7, Service Positions for Online Groups, and Newcomer Needs Being Met. 

The following Good Practice for Online Meetings outlines this direct experience from the Fellowship. Read more via the links below.

Safeguarding Online

Safeguarding for online groups.

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Online Fellowship Unity

Structure of the AA guidelines

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Meeting Tradition 7 Online

Digital banking methods

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Service Positions for Online Groups

Types of service positions

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Newcomer Needs Being Met

General solutions to help Newcomers

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