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Newcomer Needs Being Met

General solutions to help Newcomers

The Fellowship identified the following general solutions to help Newcomers in online meetings: - 

•    Groups taking care to identify newcomers and give them special attention before and after meeting, helping them on a case-by-case basis 
•    Continuing to encourage sponsorship at group level
•    Providing and / or links to the AA website for the newcomer such as: -

  •  A newcomers’ Starter pack
  •  Information about what to expect in an AA meeting
  • The Big Book / Living Sober / other AA literature
  • Leaflet on sponsorship
  • The AA website bookshop

*In keeping with Tradition 6, the Fellowship does not endorse outside organisations. Paypal has been listed as this has been the direct experience of the Fellowship in paying in Tradition 7 monies whilst on line. Other payment platforms are available.