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Online Fellowship Unity

Structure of the AA guidelines

The Fellowship strongly suggests that online groups ought to belong to a local Intergroup, bringing them fully into the structure of AA, strengthening Fellowship Unity. 

The Fellowship suggests that combined physical and online Intergroups offer help, which supports the following: - 

  • Unity in collective numbers: a group of people coming together for their own and AA’s common welfare and singleness of purpose  
  • Reduced confusion, especially for the newcomer 
  • Inclusivity / fair exchange of ideas - avoiding a ‘them and us’ mentality
  • Ensuring Traditions are adhered to, particularly Tradition 4
  • Avoided duplication / compromising meetings groups
  • Intergroups sharing an online platform with individual log ins for each group, saving money

The Fellowship also recognises that online groups might be spread over a large geographical area or may not be limited to one specific area, and so it may not be possible to join a ‘local’ Intergroup. In such cases the suggested wisdom would be to unify as an online Intergroup, maintaining unity, shared resources and singleness of purpose.