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AA for Legal and Criminal Justice Staff

As a professional coming into contact with alcoholism you will be well aware of its harmful effects on the individual concerned and those around them, particularly the families. 60-70% of men who assault their partners do so under the influence of alcohol and 30% of child abusers have alcohol-related problems.

AA holds meetings in prisons and co-operates with the Probation Service.

AA Prison Liaison and AA Probation Liaison co-operate with staff in these areas and AA Public Information volunteers will give talks to staff in the legal profession on request by contacting the AA General Service Office in York (01904 644026).

To get in touch with a member of our Probation & Criminal Justice Liaison team please call us on 01904 644026 or e mail us on gso@alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk

Information for Prison Staff

It is our aim to have access to all inmates, whether in the main prison or prison hospitals, to offer the Alcoholics Anonymous recovery programme through its membership.

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Prison - The Inside Story

Becoming alcohol dependent is rarely, if ever, a conscious choice, but many prisoners find themselves behind bars as a result of crimes committed whilst under the influence of alcohol. At the present time there are approximately, 85,000 prisoners in England and Wales of which 63% are described as hazardous drinkers.

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Probation and Criminal Justice Services

The main object of liaising with the Probation Services (in England and Wales) and the Criminal Justice Services (in Scotland) is to carry the message that AA exists, and that its members are freely available to help those who have got into trouble under the Criminal Justice System because of their drinking.

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How AA Can Cooperate

Alcoholics Anonymous in Great Britain is structured into a number of geographical service areas known as Intergroups. Although these are not coterminous with Probation and Scottish Social Services areas, each Intergroup does have a responsibility to liaise with those Probation Offices and Scottish Social Services Offices that exist within its boundaries.

Overview of Co-operation between AA and Probation/Criminal Justice Services