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This section covers the role of AA Health Liaison officers and the work they do with medical professionals, hospitals and treatment centres.

As a professional coming into contact with alcoholism you will be well aware of its harmful effects on the individual concerned and those around them, particularly the families.

AA Health Liaison works with hospital and treatment centre staff, perhaps visiting someone whom a member of staff has identified as having an alcohol problem and where the individual has expressed a willingness to be visited. Many hospitals welcome AA meetings on their premises, where patients can be introduced to a meeting on site.

Talks to doctors and nursing staff, and workshops with students and all categories of medical professionals, can be arranged by contacting the AA General Service Office in York (01904 644026 or gso@alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk). 

An introduction to our Health Liaison service, and various articles by medical professionals can be found in the tabs below.

What can it do for me?

My summary, from experience, is to say "it is the only thing that works".

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Alcoholics Anonymous - what can it do for me?

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