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Armed Services

The purpose of this section is to introduce AA to professionals within the armed services or MOD who may encounter problem drinkers during the course of their work, and to present how AA might be able to help. You may be a commanding officer, a chaplain, a medical officer, a counsellor, or a welfare worker - or may simply have observed a drinking problem in a friend or colleague. Whatever your relationship to the problem drinker, this information may help.

Armed Services Professionals

Within the armed services, alcoholism can have a negative impact on unit readiness and morale. AA may be able to help if there is such a problem in your organisation or among others you may know. Alcoholism can strike anywhere regardless of profession, rank, age, or background. This information is as relevant to service families as to the serving personnel themselves.

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Service Personnel

Any kind of man or woman can be a member of AA. Alcoholism can strike a person of any rank, any age, any ethnicity, any social, religious, or educational background, or any field of skill. The blackouts and the shakes, the loneliness, and the fears are the same for a private, a corporal, a sergeant, a captain, a major, a reservist, a veteran, or members of their families.

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