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Intergroup Officers & Vacancies

To contact any of the West Sussex Intergroup (WSI) Officers listed below, use your normal email system and type the address shown below for the required WSI Officer:

Intergroup roleContact email addressStatus
Armed Service Liaison Officeraservices.westsussex@aamail.org
Position Vacant
Electronic Communication Liaison Officer (ECLO)ecomm.westsussex@aamail.org
Employment Liaison Officer employment.westsussex@aamail.orgActive
Health Liaison Office
Mini Convention Convener
Prison Liaison Officer
Position Vacant
Position vacant
Public Information (PI)
pi.westsussex@aamail.orgPosition Vacant
Region Rep x 2
Position Vacant
Share Rep
Position Vacant
Telephone Liaison Officer (TLO)
TLO Co-ordinator
Awaiting email addressActive
Twelve Step Responder12step.westsussex@aamail.org
Vice Chairvice-chair.westsussex@aamail.org
Position Vacant
Young Persons' Liaison Officer
Position Vacant

Details about each role:

TREASURER - The Treasurer has the responsibility for keeping a proper account of all intergroup finances and ensuring that funds are available for its essential current requirements. An annual budget exercise should be carried out to ensure that appropriate prudent reserves are maintained. The Treasurer reports to intergroup against the budget. Surplus funds should always be transferred promptly to GSO, ideally via the region treasurer. The accounts should be open for inspection and presented to intergroup at each meeting. group contributions should be clearly listed so that GSRs can confirm their groupÔ??s contributions have been received. This is a fundamental part of the audit trail. Having been audited or independently checked, annual accounts should be presented by the Treasurer to intergroup for approval at the AGM.

PUBLIC INFORMATION LIAISON OFFICER - responsible for ensuring that information about the AA message and programme of recovery is conveyed to outside organisations to the best possible advantage. The provision of a panel of members to comply with requests for speakers is an important part of this activity. (See Service Handbook)

HEALTH LIAISON OFFICER - responsible for establishing links with health professionals and co-ordinating all aspects of carrying the message within the healthcare system (See Service Manual)

EMPLOYMENT LIAISON OFFICER - Responsible for liaising with all sectors of commerce and industry throughout WSIG area.

PROBATION LIAISON OFFICER - Responsible for establishing links with Probation Services & Magistrates throughout WSIG area.

REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE - Regional Representatives and alternates should be elected by their intergroup as carefully as Group Service Representatives. They should be chosen as a general rule from amongst serving GSRs but any member, who has the necessary qualifications, even if not at the time serving as a GSR, may be elected. Such a representative will attend all intergroup meetings to report from the region and to hear from the intergroup their wishes to be expressed at the next regional meeting.

Please contact your GSR or the secretary of WSIG - secretary.westsussex@aamail.org  if you are interested in one of these positions or require more details.  A minimum of 3 years sobriety is preferred for the positions above (but only a suggestion).

Please note. This information is provided for the benefit of members of Alcoholics Anonymous and must not be used for any other purpose. We ask members of the public to respect our anonymity.