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West Sussex Online Meetings

This section will be used to list the locations of online meetings set up to replace standard meetings during the COVID-19 outbreak

Please send any meeting info (e.g. Online meeting platform and ID and time/date) or contact details of Whatsapp group administrator so that existing and new members can find the groups
Send the details to ecomm.westsussex@aamail.org

Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp: You will need to download the app to your device

Please email or text the admin to ask to be added to the Whatsapp group if there is one

The meetings may also be accessed by telephone, by calling one of the following numbers and entering the zoom meeting ID and password for the meeting:
0330 088 5830 0131 460 1196
0203 481 5237 0203 481 5240
0208 080 6591 0208 080 6592


Southwick Sober Sunday Morning (This group is not yet part of West Sussex Intergroup):
Zoom meeting ID 999-286-180     Password 414141      Time 830am 
Contact: Michelle   chelleyrea@hotmail.com for further information

Horsham Sunday Step meeting:
Zoom meeting ID 991-575-729    Password 003811     Time 530pm-7pm

Crawley Big Book Beginners: 
Zoom meeting ID 572-829-249    Password billandbob    Time 7pm-815pm
Contact: Martin 07903 780937

Henfield Sunday:
Zoom meeting ID 846-696-886     Password 789646    Time 5pm-630pm

Worthing Sunday night:
Zoom meeting ID 469-920-399    Password 370054    Time 730pm-9pm

Worthing Early Bird:
Zoom meeting ID 580-865-0270     Time 730am-830am
Contact: Neil 07702 087035 for any newcomer information

Just For Today Haywards Heath:
Zoom meeting ID 907-310-9761    Password 430409    Time 1pm-2pm

East Grinstead Step and Tradition:
Time 730pm-9pm
Contact: Claire B 07976 071660 for both the Zoom meeting ID and the password

Worthing Durrington Primary Purpose:
Zoom meeting ID 709-637-039     Password 759402    Time 730pm-9pm

Crawley Living Sober:
Zoom meeting ID 747-056-530    Password: 1061935    Time 8pm-930pm
Contact: crawleylivingsober@gmail.com

Burgess Hill:
An online zoom meeting takes place between 8pm and 9.30pm on Monday evenings for the duration of the Coronavirus emergency.  Please contact burgesshillmondayrecovery@gmail.com if you would like to take part in the meeting, or have any questions.
The email address quoted above will be monitored regularly, and any 12 step work / enquiries will be handled by long time members of the fellowship who have been through the steps, and are appropriate to the contact made (Male / Female / Young Person etc.)
Visitors are welcome to attend, and we can supply the meeting ID / Password to them.  We will be changing those details weekly to maintain online security and anonymity.

Southwater Big Book Study:
Zoom meeting ID 830 562 4903     Password 001761    Time: Opens 815pm for 830pm-10pm

Rustington Keep it Simple:
Zoom meeting ID 761-569-461    Time 10am-11am
Contact for password: David 07743 922738            dw31296@gmail.com

Haywards Heath Ladies Lunch:
Zoom meeting ID 799-894-598    Time 1pm-2pm
Contact: Tanith 07941 093170

Zoom meeting ID 663-165-342    Time 730pm-9pm
Contact: George 07884 148720    georgeoeve@live.com

Zoom meeting ID 878-6098-2022     Password: Recovery     Time opens 745pm for 8pm-915pm
Contact: Matthew 07914 426521

Haywards Heath Living Sober:
Zoom meeting ID 171-674-849     Time 8pm-930pm
For password please contact tuesaahh@gmail.com

Tuesday Hurstpierpoint Live and Let Live:
Zoom meeting ID 387-697-835    Password: 642168    Time 8pm-930pm

Crawley Newcomers (Child Friendly) Morning meeting:
Zoom meeting ID 314-890-035    Password: 0787925461   Time 10am-11am
Contact: Becca 07757 859722

Southwick Wednesday Big Book study:
Zoom meeting ID 386-299-014     Password: 613670    Time 6pm-7pm
Contact: Dave 07463734405

Worthing As Bill Sees It:
Zoom meeting ID 836-2151-0160    Password: 258980    Time 730pm-9pm

Horsham Roffey:  
Zoom meeting ID 213-494-1301    Password: 699923    Time 8pm-930pm
Contact:   Andy 07977 202088

East Grinstead Discussion:
Time 830pm-930pm
Contact: Claire B 07976 071660 for both the Zoom meeting ID and the password


Worthing Early Bird:
Zoom meeting ID 580-865-0270     Time 730am-830am
Contact: Neil 07702 087035 for any newcomer information

Horsham Thursday As Bill Sees It:
Zoom meeting ID 516-699-392    Password 024048    Time 11am-1215pm
Link open 1045am-1245pm for chats etc.

East Worthing Lunchtime:
Zoom meeting ID: 344-892-823    Time 1230pm-145pm
Contact for passsword: Nina Furse 07949 131456

Barnham Discussion Thursday:
Zoom meeting ID 842-966-3442    Time 1pm-2pm
For password please contact: Richard 07872 895272 (or via WhatsApp) 

Zoom meeting ID 674-307-756    Time 730pm-9pm
Contact: Tanith 07941 093170

Worthing Hospital:
Zoom meeting ID 280-309-582    Password 123123    Time 730pm-845pm 
Contact: Alison 07852 741668

Horley Thursday:
Zoom meeting ID 427-743-7263    Password 170681    Time 8pm-9pm

Thursday Evening Lancing:
Zoom meeting ID 221-554-738    Password 532859    Time 730pm-830pm

Crawley Step and Tradition:
Zoom meeting ID 533-088-344    Time 8pm-930pm 

Cowfold Thursday meeting:
Zoom meeting ID 108-725-367    Time 8pm-930pm

Rustington Experience, Strength and Hope Friday:
Zoom meeting ID 737-7209-7690    Time 1230pm-130pm
Contact for password: David 07743 922738            dw31296@gmail.com

East Grinstead Friday:
Time Opens at 715pm and meeting runs 730pm-9pm
Contact: Michael 07518 375 655 for both the Zoom meeting ID and password

Horsham Friday night (closed meeting for AA members only):
Zoom meeting ID 884-8996-9209    Time 8pm-930pm
Password: 495671

Worthing Friday Step and Tradition:
Zoom Meeting ID 182-341-998    Time 8pm-930pm 
Contact: Natalie 07852 356397                 natalie.webb@outlook.com

Saturday Morning Early Risers Poundhill:
Zoom meeting ID 465-732-476    Password: 0772018927     Time 8am-9am
Contact: Becca 07757 859722

Ifield Morning Meeting:
Zoom meeting ID 363-437-328    Password: 530359     Time 11am-1230pm
Contact: simonaacrawley@outlook.com

Saturday Morning Worthing Newcomers: 
Zoom meeting ID 853-582-2701     Time 1130am-1pm
Password: email colleenpark955@gmail.com

Haywards Heath Big Book Study:
Time 530pm-7pm   For details please email: SaturdayHH@yahoo.com

Saturday Night Crawley Hospital:
Zoom meeting ID 909-810-6057    Password: 563231    Time 645pm-830pm

Worthing Big Book Study Meeting:
Zoom meeting ID 536-592-788    Time 730pm-9pm
Contact: George 07884 148720    Email georgeoeve@live.com