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Terms of reference

Terms of Reference

Accepted February 2022
The Sub-Committee will adhere to the Traditions, Concepts and Guidelines of Great Britain and English Speaking Continental Europe.

The Subcommittee will be chaired by the General Service Board (GSB) Trustee responsible for Young People’s Sub-Committee and will consist of the Chair and up to six AA members who have experience and age related sobriety qualifications of this work.

These members will have been selected through the GSB nominations process, which will involve a written application, obtaining Region/Intergroup approval, and telephone interviews. Existing members will be happy to discuss the work of the Sub-Committee with those interested in standing for membership and will sponsor those elected into this service.

From the members selected a secretary will be chosen by the Subcommittee.

In addition, the committee will comply with the principles and procedural guidelines for Sub- Committees published from time to time by the GSB.

AA email address to be used by all Sub-Committee members.

All discussions at the Sub-Committee meetings are confidential and not to be discussed with others.

Having come into AA at the age of 30 or under and now have a minimum of five years’ continuous sobriety at the time of making an application, and experience in Intergroup / Region Public Information or other relevant experience.
Good organisational and communication skills are desirable, as well as those as may be specified in an advert which will be placed in AA Service News and PI Service News. The ability to produce written and verbal reports would be an advantage, as well as relevant ICT skills.

Subcommittee members will serve a period of four years.

The Sub-Committee will meet in York up to three times per year plus the meeting of the Regional YP Liaison Officers as well as teleconferences as and when required. There is an expectation that members will attend meetings regularly. Should there be non-attendance at two consecutive meetings/teleconferences without apology for both, a member will be deemed to have resigned from the Committee.
Minutes from meetings will be forwarded to the GSB in accordance with procedures for Sub-Committees.


  • Establish and maintain good relations with both Intergroup and Regional YP Officers at national level.
  • Increase knowledge of AA programme working for Young People within the Fellowship and at public level. Working alongside the other disciplines within AA to carry the AA message.
  • Offer support through resource packs and advice to regional YP committees and liaison officers as and when requested or required.
  • Create and maintain an accurate system of record keeping in order that information is available to others following “service rotation” and other events.
  • Review and update literature, other media resources and guidelines as necessary.
  • Any changes should be submitted to the GSB.
  • Adhere to YP Sub Committee job description.
  • Review and regularly update YP pages on the AA Website as necessary.
  • Projects to be detailed and presented to the GSB for approval.
  • Organise the annual Regional YP Liaison Officers Meeting in York.
  • Organise periodic seminars for Regional & Intergroup liaison officers and support the sharing of good YP practice & communicate this effectively.
  • Help promote and encourage the appointment of Liaison officers.