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Chit System and Online Groups

The reporting of attendance is not part of AA, but members can ‘self-report’ attendance at an AA meeting at the request of their Probation Officer or other referring agency. The use of ‘chits’ is a well-established system of self-reporting and was endorsed by Conference in 1987 and 2009 and extended to Health, Employment and Social Services at Conference 2017.

Each AA group is autonomous and can therefore decide whether to use the chit system or not. For online groups, it is suggested that the group secretary fills in the chit and posts to the member asking for proof of attendance. It is not recommended that electronic versions of chits or emails are used as these can be easily forged.
Watermarked chits are available from the General Service Office in York free of charge and can be requested by group, intergroup or regional officers. They are only sent to a group officer’s address that is already registered with AA Great Britain, so please ensure that your group secretary’s details are up to date, filling in a new ‘pink form’ if necessary. The chit should be marked with the Groups Unique Identification (UID) to maintain members’ anonymity.

Please get in touch if you need any assistance.