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Introduction to Health

‘I would like to make a pledge to the whole medical fraternity that A.A. will always stand ready to cooperate, that A.A. will never trespass upon medicine, that our members who feel the call will increasingly help in those great enterprises of education, rehabilitation and research which are now going forward with such promise.’ – Bill W. Presentation to the New York City Medical Society on Alcoholism

Welcome to Health. These pages are for members who are interested in or already working in health liaison. The aim is to carry the message of AA through co-operation with professionals in the NHS, local authorities, and private sector care providers.

Here you will find suggestions and resources which can be used or adapted for this work and should be read with Chapter Six (AA and Healthcare in the Community) of the AA Service Handbook.

To find out more please go to the Health Resources tab where you will find content covering:

Suggestions for new Regional or Intergroup HLOs

Ideas for Health Activity

Experience of starting as an HLO

Health Materials

Talks and Presentations

Description of and templates for Open Meeting Workshops

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