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Gratitude Week

In 1985 Chiltern and Thames Intergroup suggested that members be invited to contribute what they would have spent on one day’s drinking, but at today’s prices.  Conference 1988 recommended that the Fellowship contrives to recognise our anniversary on 10th June by holding annually a Gratitude/Sobriety week.

Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain supports its services through members’ voluntary contributions and the sale of approved literature.

Gratitude Week (the week including June 10th – the anniversary of the founding of AA) gives each member who can afford it an opportunity to give something extra in appreciation of their sobriety. When we take on board the full reading of Tradition Seven, we understand the essence of supporting ourselves is born out of the experience of the past – financial independence as part of our tradition puts responsibility for the Fellowship in the hands of its members.

The groups are the heartbeat in the overall service structure.  The flow of AA money through the service structure is essential to further our primary purpose of helping the still suffering alcoholic in accordance with the traditions of the Fellowship.

Experience has shown us that the work carried out at every level within the service structure of AA is important and we neglect this at our peril.

All donations offered to the Fellowship by those who are not members are declined.