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Late in Life

I came into AA when I was 68 after 30 years or so of drinking – the last 10 of which were really bad. I didn’t know anything about AA except that my daughter had asked me to go about 15 years before and I got as far as ringing, but never followed it through. I just lied to my daughter that I had gone and I sorted myself out. The worst part is that I wasn’t being honest with myself because I thought “Who me an alcoholic? I’m respectable; I’ve got a good job and so on – so no way!” How stupid, so I just carried on drinking, causing hurt and a definite rift between my husband and myself before Covid hit.

I retired and my drinking got so much worse but I just carried on doing charity work; driving to see people; even swimming in the sea, all under the influence of drink.

When Covid hit my drinking got even worse, if that’s possible – and of course my husband had enough and left me. I carried on drinking for a few days and then it hit me “Do I want to die living on the street, losing all we had worked for and the most important thing of all – my children and grandchildren?” So I rang AA and spoke with a lovely lady whom I have since met.

The only option was online so I went to a meeting with my daughter by my side for support and since then I have never looked back. My husband came back and we started our journey together. It’s all thanks to AA that I’m still here and with the love of my family. In AA and beyond, I have my life back – 100% times better than ever. Remember, it’s never too late!