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Carrying the message

I have found the benefits of carrying the message to other alcoholics to be many and varied. I learn so much from taking new people through the Big Book, it keeps me on my toes and keeps my own recovery fresh. I am keen to impress on the newcomer that it is their recovery, and they need to take responsibility for it. I am more than happy to take them through the Big Book and explain the Programme of recovery to them as we progress. I have to admit, my ego ran wild when I started to sponsor people. I was desperate for them to have what I had but have learnt through experience that everyone’s recovery is a bit different. I can offer my experience and some suggestions, but as much as possible I keep the message to that in the Big Book and keep it simple.

I am continually grateful for the way my sponsor carried the message to me, by keeping it simple and following the instructions in the Big Book. My spiritual experience came suddenly and powerfully, I understand this is not normally the case, but I only have my story and have to be true to that. I remember vividly returning from a convention with my sponsor and having an indescribable wave of light, power and energy run though me. Having a bipolar disorder, I was terrified at first it was the start of a manic episode.

I have learned over the years that whether that spiritual experience comes quickly or slowly is not too important. It’s not like my life has been all plain sailing since, and I know that my recovery continues to progress as long as I am doing the right things every day to maintain and grow my condition. If I let up on these actions, I will quickly slide back towards that deadly first drink. Working with others and carrying a positive message in meetings is a great way to keep me on track. Thanks.

SIMON D, Barry, South Wales