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Milton Keynes AA History

The AA message of hope arrived in Milton Keynes during the mid-1970s, the first meeting being held in Stony Stratford. It was attended by three people. Members from surrounding groups supported this newly formed group in the beginning and, by 1979, four separate meetings were established in the area.

In 1980 the four groups amalgamated into AA Milton Keynes, holding two meetings a week in the city centre. It was there that the foundations of a strong and healthy branch of the Fellowship were forged. As well as the AA message being carried to the suffering alcoholic, much time and effort was put into PI work – details of contact telephone numbers appeared in local newspapers, and doctors’ surgeries, the hospital, Schools, etc. were targeted with information. In late 1984 AA Milton Keynes applied to join South Midlands Intergroup.

In 1987 AA Milton Keynes moved to its present premises in Bletchley, and in 1989 a meeting was opened at the David Baxter Centre in Central Milton Keynes. In 1992 the Stony Stratford group was formed. Also in 1992 Woodhill Prison was built within the city boundary and a Prison AA meeting was organised by various local members. This meeting still continues to the present time.

As we enter the new Millennium there is now a meeting held every day within Milton Keynes, including a lunch-time group. Experiences, strengths and hopes are shared regularly, and the emphasis is on recovery in AA and working the programme.

Lesley A. (February 2000)

Around 2009, the Milton Keynes groups formed their own Intergroup within the Eastern Region which meets every quarter, normally in March, June, September and December at the Old Peoples Rest Centre in Bletchley, to discuss any business pertaining to AA matters affecting the local groups and to enable us to report any feedback from the local area to the next Regional meeting. Service positions are generally filled by members and the area continues to pass on the message through the voice of the fellowship. Details of some service position responsibilities are on this website as well as the details of the next Intergroup meeting.

All fellowship members are welcome to attend and it can be a truly rewarding experience to see how the fellowship works at the next level, through the dedication and commitment of our “trusted servants”.

Jill W (January 2014)

Details of some of the AA Milton Keynes groups both old and new are given below.

Sunday (11 am)

Bletchley Old People’s Rest Centre (rear of Library), Westfield Road.

Formed December, 1995

In 1995 there were only three meetings in Milton Keynes: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. A huge gap had resulted from the closure of the old Monday meeting earlier that year. Discussion of how another meeting might get under way was a regular feature of the Prison Rota meetings – which drew its members from all of the three groups.

During October of that year, John visited Ireland and was amazed to find that even small towns (of 500-1000 people) had meetings every day of the week; and often two on Sunday – which many newcomers find to be a particularly difficult day. Together with Hubert, who had recently moved to Milton Keynes from Galway and who missed his Sunday home group back home, the Sunday meeting was born.

The first meeting was held on the second Sunday of December. At a short Group Conscience afterwards, we adopted a simple format of Chapter 5, chair and then opening up the meeting to give maximum time for sharing.

From day one we have always had tea before and after the meeting so that nervous newcomers can be made welcome, and all of us have the chance to share with another alcoholic.

The smallest meeting (to date) has been two members and a newcomer (in May 1997), with over 30 at some meetings earlier this year. Whatever the numbers, we try to have everything ready a half-hour beforehand so that visitors and members can be welcomed as they arrive.

Many thanks to Frank, Nicky, Jackie, Vince, Joe, Ernie and all the members who do regular service. As I write, I pray for another seven members whom we hope will find their way back to us some day.

John M. (August 1999)

This meeting still continues in its original format as of January 2014

Monday (8 pm)

Bletchley Old People’s Rest Centre (rear of Library), Westfield Road.

The Group moved to its present venue in December 1989. Originally the meetings were held on Monday and Friday nights.

Around 1998 it was agreed we merged the two meetings, resulting in the single Monday meeting, which proved successful.

The group has a nucleus of 6-8 members, but regularly welcomes visitors increasing the attendance to around 25. All meetings are open. We emphasise the importance of spreading the message to the newcomer and working the programme, one day at a time.

Lesley A. (February 2001)

This meeting still continues in its original format as of January 2014

Tuesday (11.30 am)

Community Centre, 23 London Road, Stony Stratford

Formed February 1999: Closed 2003

Liz, Sandra, Sheila and Agnes started our first week-day lunch time meeting in the Bletchley Methodist Church Hall on Tuesday, February 18, 1999.

It was well attended but so very cold. We lasted till our second winter when, in order to inject some comfort into our meeting, we moved to Stony Stratford Community Centre on February 1, 2000. Changing the day meant that in the Milton Keynes area we had a meeting every day.

We have grown to eight group members and work well together to take care of our group and carry the AA message.

In 2003 the meeting closed as the room was no longer available

Liz ( Spring 2006 )

Tuesday (8 pm)

Originally Closed Women’s Non-Restrictive, Currently Open General Meeting.

Heelands Meeting Place, Milton Keynes

Formed October 2001

The group started out with just three members. By the year’s end it had grown to six and, by early 2003, to 14.

Kate, March 2003

The Group continues to thrive into 2005, and now has 14 members, with many newcomers and a strong core membership of regular attendees.

New women that have come to the meeting, have expressed an appreciation of having a meeting with their own sex, before branching out and attending mixed meetings.

Sarah ( January 2006 )

This Group is still going strong, although no longer a designated women’s meeting it has a good attendance rate and core membership numbering between 4-7.

Jill (January 2014)

Wednesday (8 pm)

Central Milton Keynes

Originally held in Room 8, Rear of David Baxter Centre, 63 North Seventh St., Central Milton Keynes, this meeting has had a few locations, for some years at the YMCA on North Row in Central Milton Keynes. Now at Christ the Cornerstone Church, Saxon Gate, Central Milton Keynes. (Jayne 2016)

Disabled access, no smoking. All meetings open.

Thursday (5 pm)

Old Peoples Rest Centre, Bletchley.

Formed November 2003

In 2003 the Tuesday morning smoking meeting in Stony Stratford had to close because the room was no longer available.

Three members, Agnes, Pat and Liz wanted a smoking meeting, so Thursday Teatime was started and opened in November 2003.

Two happy years of smoking and then the room was made “no smoking” a day at a time we manage!

We now have seven members and attendance varies from six to sixteen. It is a relaxed meeting, and we are a friendly happy group.

Liz ( Spring 2006 )

This meeting is still going strong with a core membership of between five and seven. The format is “as Bill sees it” and it is still a happy relaxed group with a good attendance.

Jill W (January 2014)

Thursday (8 pm)

Community Centre (opposite Working Men’s Club), 23 London Road, Stony Stratford

The meeting was formed in 1992, splitting from the Wednesday night group due to new non-smoking regulations in their room. It is a smoking meeting. Original group members were Agnes, Dick, Jim, Shirley, Michael, Liz and Sue.

The format decided at the first group conscience was: an open meeting on the first Thursday of each month. Then we had alternating meetings of Chair, Step, Chair, Discussion.

The meeting started at 8 pm and closed at 9.30 pm. Attendance varied from ten to forty with a core membership of about six members.

Shirley (November 1999)
Due to the closure of the meeting room, this group moved to Sunday evenings at 7pm, York House, Stony Stratford, where it continues today

Big Book, Friday (8 pm)

Christ the Cornerstone Church, Saxon Gate, Central Milton Keynes

Formed June 1999

The group was formed by Dave, Tim, Plunkett.

The numbers have slowly built up and are now 15-20. We have an active committee with all posts filled.

December 2000

This meeting is still running strongly today with a good regular attendance each week.

Saturday 5.30 pm (originally 8pm)

Church of Christ the Cornerstone, Central Milton Keynes

All meetings open. Disabled access; no smoking