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Milton Keynes Intergroup

We are pleased to announce as of November 2023, Milton Keynes now has a dedicated helpline phone number.

If you would like to speak to someone anonymously, please call: 01908 382 509

Proposed MKIG (Milton Keynes Intergroup) Officers Meetings

The next meeting dates for Milton Keynes Intergroup for 2024 are now scheduled for

10th March 2024
9th June 2024
1st September 2024
8th December 2024

They will all be held from 09:00 with a 09:30 start, closing around midday.
at the:

YMCA building
1 North Sixth Street
Central Milton Keynes

All members are welcome to attend.

There are also Officers catch-up meetings on Zoom, on the third Tuesday of every month.

Email to request the most up to date information on either in person or video conferencing meetings.

This page is fairly current and up to date within 24 to 48 hours, but please make sure you notify GSO about groups opening up again by filling in the ‘Pink Form’.

To find details of groups local to MK please use the AA Meeting Finder.

Share Magazine is now available online!

MK Meetings and info:


30-15-53 (sort code)
0079 0503 (account number)
ideally with the reference ONLINE MEETINGS or the NAME OF THE GROUP donating.

Also as a Fellowship, please be aware that some members locally do not have internet access or don’t feel comfortable being involved with meetings this way so please do check in with them during this difficult time.

Please also be aware of the Chat Now Service that you can access on this website, and is always looking for responders!

Members can also make their contribution direct to GSO by bank transfer or PayPal – see below. In the payment reference or message option please put Tradition 7 member donation / group donation / intergroup / region, as appropriate. Those members who are UK tax payers can contribute money by means of a Gift Aid account for the benefit of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The form for this can be found in our Document Library.

For the account of : The General Service Board

Sort code: 40-47-31
Account number: 63930408

13 Parliament Street

Newcomers can read a starter pack online to see if AA is something for you.

Please email MK Intergroup ECLO Gordon H at or call 07389 884 395 for information on passwords or have any further questions.