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SYNED Online Resources

This page provides access to further AA information via our AA file storage facility, and online.

Downloads currently available from SYNED File Store:

> SYNED Where To Find (a physical meeting)
> SYNED Online Where to Find (these are online meetings which have links to the SYNED area - many began during COVID)
> SYNED InterGroup Minutes and agenda for AGMs

Click on a file, it should either open in your browser or download and be ready to open in your PDF viewer.  You should then be able to print it for your group or save it to your hard drive.

If you have no PDF viewer, or get "can't open this file" error, search online for 'free pdf viewer'.
Any suggestions for other files to include here, pls contact SYNED ECLO: ecomm.syned@aamail.org


Other Online Resources:

Any comments or problems, pls contact SYNED Electronic Communications Liason Officer - ecomm.syned@aamail.org