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SY&NED Telephone Helpline Service


This Telephone Helpline Service is provided and administered by South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire Intergroup. Telephone responders take calls from the helpline, and pass details to '12steppers' who get newcomers to meetings. The task is facilitated by provision of our Telephone Responder Pack.

The TLO (Telephone Liaison Officer) first responsibility is to organise responders to cover call 7 days a week. 

There are five LLO's (Local Liaison Officers) - one for each town, who oversee their own town 12step list, and send the current list to the 12CO for inclusion in the pack.

The 12CO (12step Co-ordinating Officer) gathers the updated 12step lists from the LLO's, and forwards these up-to-date lists to the TLO for inclusion into the monthly pack distribution.
The purpose of the Responder Pack is to make all the above possible !

The Phone Pack, (and also our local Where-To-Find) are updated and circulated to all interested parties monthly, so we all have easy access to up-to-date info, can print what pages we need, when we need them,
and feedback any errors / problems.

In this way, everybody (should) have a current, identical copy of the pack,
and access to accurate meetings info via the WTF.

Email for SY&NED Telephone Liason Officer is: telephones.syned@aamail.org
Email for SY&NED Electronic Communications Liason Officer is: ecomm.syned@aamail.org