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SY&NED Meetings and Conventions

Coronavirus (Covid-19 information)
Information from GSO GB can be found here

We have a number of online and physical meetings in our area.  The most up to date Where To Finds can be found here: Our lists are updated frequently as meetings open and close.  Our physical meetings are adhering to government guidelines on support group meetings and following local/venue dependent procedures.  Government guidance states that face masks must be worn, and hand sanitization performed, social distancing adhered to and numbers limited according to national policy (maximum for support groups = 15) and venue size (may mean that meeting size is less than 15).  Because of the limit on numbers as well as COVID contact tracing regulations preregistration for a place at the meeting is required.  Instructions for registering are contained in the Where to Find document for physical meetings. 

If you become aware of meeting changes that are not listed in the WhereToFind could you please let us know by emailing secretary.syned@aamail.org, telephones.syned@aamail.org and ecomm.syned@aamail.org.

It would also be helpful if group secretaries or GSRs could update their pink form online to reflect changes.  The form can be found here and instructions for completing it can be found here.  Some meetings may wish to consider converting to an online format for the duration of the disruptions caused by the virus.  If this is the case there are separate instructions for completing the pink form which can be found here

Conventions Information:
The SY&NED Mini-Convention occurs in June every year. A flyer can be downloaded from here, via 'SY&NED Online Resources' link to the left of this page. There is a dedicated Mini-Convention Website: w.aaconventioninsheffield.com' or email: aaconventioninsheffield[at]gmail.com for further information.

Also, you can follow this (grey) link to online calendar displaying AA conventions and events in the UK and throughout
the world: AA-GB Events Calendar (Right-Click & 'open in new tab')


Meetings Information:
Our SY&NED Where-To-Find document represents the current meetings schedule in South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire, (and can be downloaded via the 'SY&NED Online Resources' link to the left of this page). It should contain only information which is true now. Similarly, the AA national database should not hold information about meetings
which have closed, or not yet begun.

(This database information is what informs the meetings search facility on our AA-GB website, and the National Where-To-Find Directory Book. Without correct and current informations, the search facility will not function properly, and the Directory Book will hold inaccurate or misleading information. And so, newcomers and members ability to easily find meetings may be affected).

You can access the AA-GB 'Find a Meeting' facility via this (grey) link: Right-click here for Meeting Finder page
(then choose 'open in new tab' option)

So Meeting Secretaries, please report any new meetings, or changes to existing meetings, when that information
becomes true. A 'pink form' should be completed to update GSO's meetings information database. It is vital that the national database holds a true account of all our meetings. Postcodes are especially important, as our AA-GB database searches primarily on postcodes.

You can access the 'Pink Form' via this (grey) link: Right-click here for 'Pink Form'
(then choose 'open in new tab' option)

Please also inform the SY&NED ECLO of any changes to meeting details by email to the address below, so that our local Where-To-Find can be kept updated with current meeting information.

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