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March 2023

Read a preview of the latest Share Magazine - March 2023

Dear Reader

…to serenity, to opening that part of me which was keeping me from accepting a Power greater than myself. Having worked through Steps One and Two, I could now see how much I had resisted truly asking for help in my personal life. Though self-sufficient and defiant to the core, now that my sanity was being restored, I could make that decision to hand my life over to the care of my loving Higher Power while continuing to learn where I needed to take different actions than before. What a gift Step Three is – such a relief.

And with Tradition Three, I knew I had the desire to stop drinking - so had a lifetime membership to this wonderful Fellowship - and that I had lost the desire to drink, another amazing gift of this spiritual Programme of recovery.

We have listened to your feedback and I’m sure you will all be overjoyed – as am I – that we have returned to our previous, larger font size. May I also remind our readership that we endeavour to publish articles which reflect the month’s Step, Tradition and/or theme. This means that it may be a little while until your article is published and that resubmissions are totally unnecessary. We read every article received. Please refer to page 3 of SHARE, where our Guidelines are printed and notice that articles should be no more than 1000 words – shorter articles are very welcome. If you feel unable to write less than 1000 words, you could consider submitting your experience, strength and hope as separate articles – perhaps reflecting different aspects of your sobriety journey or how a particular Tradition has helped you in making sense of this challenging, but extremely rewarding, way of life. I earnestly ask that you continue to submit your articles (without them there is no SHARE) but that they are under 1000 words - so I can continue in serenity to be of maximum service to our Fellowship.


I have connected with my Higher Power.

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Miracles happen

My name is Danas and I am a very grateful alcoholic.

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The cake analogy

'MADE a decision to..." - this took me a long, long time to grasp.

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Questions For Conference

LAST week I attended a 'Questions for Conference' online session explaining how to engage our groups with these questions.

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