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Tradition 7 Contributions

Tradition 7 states that "Every A. A.  group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions". Since the Covid-19 crisis started there has been a significant reduction in Tradition 7 contributions right across the board. This is causing major problems for AA and our Intergroup is no exception. It seems to be a general trend that fewer people are attending meetings and that Zoom meetings in particular attract very little in contributions even though the bank details for most of them are displayed during the meeting.

You might be thinking that because of the restrictions in movement imposed by Covid-19 and a reduction in physical meetings, AA does not need the level of contributions we previously enjoyed. But for AA to be effective and help the still-suffering alcoholic, we still need to pay for essential services such as the Southdown Telephone Helpline, Public Liability Insurance, Support and planning of future Conventions, Southdown Legacy and Interlink magazine printing and distribution, the Darkness Into Light project and Zoom account subscriptions. Finally, any surplus is then passed to Region for their use and onward transmission to GSO for the benefit of AA UK-wide.  

As a result, Southdown Intergroup is finding itself short of funds with little or no reserve left to call on. To make it as simple as possible and other than cash at a physical meeting, all the ways Tradition 7 contributions can be paid into Southdown Intergroup are listed HERE.