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Intergroup Officers and Information


Chair:        Clare W - chair.southdown@aamail.org
Vice-Chair: Sean - vice-chair.southdown@aamail.org
Treasurer: Clare F - treasurer.southdown@aamail.org
  • For all Treasury matters and bank details, click HERE
  • For a copy of our Public Liability Insurance Certificate click HERE.
  • For a copy of the Expenses Form, click HERE
Secretary (acting): Clare F - secretary.southdown@aamail.org


Archives: Vacant but being covered by Nick H - archives.southdown@aamail.org For more info see: AA History, News
Armed Forces Liaison Officer: Vacant - aservices.southdown@aamail.org
Public Information Liaison Officer (PI): Ellie W - pi.southdown@aamail.org
See the latest PI News at https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/Members/Document-Library (browse to Public Information/PI Service News)
Electronic Communications Liaison Officer (ECLO): Alan H - ecomm.southdown@aamail.org
Telephone Liaison Officer : Greg B - telephones.southdown@aamail.org
12th Step List Co-ordinator: Clare M -12step.southdown@aamail.org
Young People's Liaison Officer: Pravin I - youngpersons.southdown@aamail.org 
Employment: Vacant - employment.southdown@aamail.org
Health Liaison Officer: Danny S - health.southdown@aamail.org
Criminal Justice Liaison Officer: John K - prisons.southdown@aamail.org
Share Magazine Liaison: Vacant. 
Interlink Editor: Vacant, but being covered by Sinclair M.


Sinclair M
Una S
Paul M


Moira S
Steve S
Jim H
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