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Service opportunities

This page is dedicated to promoting group and intergroup service opportunities.

If your group does not have a Group Service Representative (GSR) discuss this at your Group conscience meeting. If you are interested, or if you are new in the position, you can find out more about what this important role involves via the downloadable PDF leaflet here:

BELI intergroup also has a number of vacant positions, as listed below.


Please see from page 87 for the description and purpose of intergroup in the AA Service Structure Handbook as well as a summary of the roles of the Executive:  

Chair: Position Filled

Vice Chair: Position Filled 

Treasurer:  Position Filled 

Secretary: Position Filled

Below are the Liaison Officer roles available to be filled.

A full role description of each role can be found in the AA Service Handbook, with the page number in brackets:

Public Information: Position filled

Employment: Vacant (page 45)

Prisons: Vacant (page 57)

Health: Vacant (page 51)

Criminal Justice Services: Vacant (page 59)

Telephones: Position filled

Roundabout: Position filled

Literature: Vacant

Archivist: Vacant (page 67)

Electronic Communications: Position filled

Armed services: Vacant (page 31)

Young Peopleā??s Liaison: Vacant (page 73)

There is an extensive document library on the AA GB website, with downloadable files useful for many facets of AA life.

Please find a link to the Autumn 2020 edition of AA Service News.  Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation it has been produced only in digital form. 
It is available in the Document Library of our AA Great Britain website HERE.
 Under AA Service news as '184 Autumn 2020.pdf'